Hi, I’m Anetra

Anetra Smalls is a single mom of three who decided to take control of her life and her finances. After years of having poor spending habits that left her in debt, with a repossession, and an eviction she was determined to create a new life for herself and her children. Anetra started her journey to financial empowerment by repairing her credit and offering the same help to those that were around her. She understands the importance of being given a second chance at life. She aims to empower those that have lost hope because of where they are financially.

Professional Bio

Anetra Smalls is a serial entrepreneur, author, transformational coach and the most highly sought after consultant of her generation.

  She became a multi-millionaire at the age of 28 simply because she decided to be rich. She understood the importance of taking control of your finances and becoming aware of inner habits that hindered the journey to true financial freedom. She is the creator of the 90 Day Wealth Plan Program.

Anetra helps entrepreneurs transform their lives and business by showing them how to leverage their credit and how to break through their financial money blocks. As owner of Merit Credit Solutions, she has helped thousands of women regain credibility and buying power. She is passionate about helping single moms all across the world uncover their very own financial blocks, hidden skills, and build businesses that takes them on their journey to six figures and beyond.