The Inspiration Behind It All

I was a single mom of two getting denied from every possible angle. I often joke and say I probably couldn’t borrow a penny candy. It wasn’t until I sat amongst my girlfriends and realized we all had the same sad story. You know the quotes, “ it’s hard out here”, “I’m just trying to make it”. I got up from the table realizing that this was not what I intended for myself or my children. I didn’t want to sing the blues anymore. I made a pack with those very same friends that we should get our credit together. So with a notebook and months of focus. I successfully recovered from my own bad credit opened my eyes to how much power I truly had…LEVERAGE, CREDIBILITY and BUYING POWER!

My children now have access to limitless opportunities, stability, and I am able to build generational wealth.

I turned my horror story into a success story that’s filled with freedom. I gained a new outlook on life and decided to educate millions of single parents and millenials on the importance of having good credit. It has been my mission to see others win so that can be rewarded with the finer things that life has to offer. That is when Merit Credit Solutions was born!

The inspiration behind Merit Credit Solutions is to show people that you can get a do over on life and be rewarded for change!