Improve Your Credit Score In 30 Days

Let me guess, by now you’ve figured out that in order to grow your business and experience financial freedom you need to have good credit. You probably took a look at your credit and realize that you can no longer put it off. Now, you want to improve your credit, right? No, I’m not a psychic, it’s just that credit is the #1 thing that most entrepreneurs look at when they begin expanding their business.

Everyone wants better credit, even folks with good credit, want better credit. Lol!

Why the big fuss? Well, bad credit makes for an expensive life and places so many limitations on you. So many things cost more money when your credit is bad.

Some utility companies charge you more per unit of energy, interest rates (on cars, homes, credit cards…everything) is higher, and some jobs won’t even hire you if your score is below a certain number. Yup!


Not too long ago, I suffered from bad credit. I lost my home, car, and savings and my credit score dropped to the 450s. Yikes!

I remember getting declined from every angle and feeling defeated until one day I decided I would win at the credit game. I committed to improving my score by any means necessary and I used every trick in the book.


You may be expecting me to mention the usual of getting credit cards but I discovered a tool that allowed me to increase my score and save money over a period of time. Isn’t that just genius?!!


If you want to know what it is keep reading!


It’s an AMAZING tool called SELF LENDER!!!


Self Lender is an awesome, easy-to-use credit builder loan with interest charges that are much lower than what you will pay with having a credit card.

How Self Lender works:

1.  Signed up for a free Self Lender Membership   (available nationwide)

Bonus: You’ll get your credit score and credit monitoring, including notifications for free!

2. Choose the, “build credit and savings” option.

3. Fill out the form.



Note 1: They are going to ask you for your social security number. That’s normal procedure when you apply for any loan. The site is secure so you won’t have to worry about your information being compromised.


Note 2: Self Lender DOES NOT use your credit score to qualify you. They use an alternate consumer report called ChexSystems. As long as you don’t owe any bank, you should be approved.


Note 3: Anytime you apply for credit, you get an inquiry. Thankfully, Self Lender is NOT a hard credit pull. Hard pulls stay on your credit report for 2 years, but it only affects your score for a few months. Self Lender is a soft pull,  so there is no inquiry reported. They don’t use your credit score to qualify you. That’s why it’s not affected. (see note 2)


Note 4: To be on the safe side. DO NOT apply for credit (anywhere), if you plan on buying a house in the next 6-months. Your realtor will thank me. ?


4. Take out a credit builder loan. I suggest you take one out for the lowest amount possible so your monthly payments will be manageable.

Bonus Again: Unlike a traditional loan, this one is held for you in a one-year, FDIC-insured certificate of deposit bank (CD) account.

Every month, your super-low payment is automatically taken from your bank account to pay toward the loan — and the 12.65% APR Self Lender charges to cover its own costs.


5. At the end of the year, the CD will mature and unlock, and its 0.10% APY growth rate means you’ll GET YOUR MONEY BACK, plus a little interest (minus fees).

Sidebar: You can pay off the loan earlier if you like too. You can pay it off anytime within the year. When you do, you’ll get the money from the CD back.


Basically, it’s a loan, but YOU DO NOT get the money. Instead, Self Lender puts it away for you in a CD.

You pay the loan off in a year, then you get the money from the CD back.

It’s like taking a loan from yourself while saving money at the same darn time! Remember, credit bureaus are more concerned with the habit of paying regularly, more than the amount borrowed, so borrow a low amount.

The purpose is to show creditors you can pay back and off what you owe. Self Lender is genius, right?!


The MVP Bonus: Your credit history will benefit from responsibly paying on and eventually off, an installment loan with fixed payments. Doing so shows future creditors that you, my friend, are worthy of credit because you proved it 12-months in a row. Yesss!

Bonus Plus:  Self Lender reports to all three credit bureaus: Equifax, Experian, and Transunion. *winning!!*


Bonus on Bonus: Although I’m not a fan of the whole “good debt” term, installment loans are looked at similar to student loans. This means, if you’re going to have debt, it’s the better option. Your Self Lender credit builder loan will also increase your “types of debt”, which can positively affect 10% of your credit score.


Here is a Breakdown of what you’re getting into!


Let’s say you take out an $1100 credit builder loan…
By the end of the year, you will have paid off the $1100 loan; $1164 when you include the interest you will have paid. There is also a minimal $12 admin fee, that Self Lender charges.

Your original $1,100 will have gained a little interest and will be: $1,101.10 at the end of the year.

That means you’ll have grown your credit and improved your credit history for the low-cost of about $75, in one year! The $75 is the full cost of your interest if you get the $1100 credit builder loan.

The $75 interest (if you choose to borrow $1100), is split into 12 payments and taken as part of your monthly payment (about $6/month), like most interest and principal payments for a loan. That’s less than what some banks charge you for your check account each month, and those accounts DO NOT grow your credit.


The math on an $1100 Self Lender Credit Builder Loan:

$1,164 (what you’ll have paid by the end of the 12 months)

+ $12 (Self Lender admin fee)

– $1,101.10 (what you’ll get back after paying off the loan)

= $74.90 (cost of the whole process)

Do you know how much credit repair companies charge? I assure you, much more than $75 for 1-year. Most cost more than $75/month.

**You don’t have to borrow $1100. I suggest you borrow the lowest amount provided. Currently about $500. That will bring your monthly payment to less than $50/month.

The Ultimate Bonus:

  1. Your Self Lender credit builder loan is free to sign-up for.
  2. It takes less than 20 minutes to complete the application
  3. The payments are automatically deducted. Set it and forget it.
  4. It a soft credit pull, so applying won’t negatively affect your credit.
  5. The loan will show up on all 3 of your credit reports right away.
  6. Some folks have seen an increase in their credit score in as little as one month!
  7. You get your free credit score and credit monitoring, including notifications.
  8. At the end of the year, you get back the money you paid (plus a little interest – minus the fees). It’s like taking a loan from yourself…. Self Lender (get it?) ?Interested in learning more and signing up with Self Lender? You can do so Here.Sidebar: I love it when EVERYBODY WINS!!. Have you been able to fix your credit? Share how in the comments. 

    Win Big,


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